SLALIB Functions

slaAddetadd E-terms of aberration
slaAfinsexagesimal character string to angle
slaAirmasair mass
slaAltazvelocities etc. for altazimuth mount
slaAmpapparent to mean
slaAmpqkquick apparent to mean
slaAopapparent to observed
slaAoppaapparent-to-observed parameters
slaAoppatupdate apparent-to-observed parameters
slaAopqkquick apparent to observed
slaAtmdspatmospheric dispersion
slaAv2mrotation matrix from axial vector
slaBeardirection between points on a sphere
slaC2iICRS to CIRS
slaC2ipaICRS to CIRS parameters
slaC2ipadmake ICRS to CIRS parameters stop at GCRS
slaC2ipasICRS to CIRS parameters, space observer
slaC2iqkquick ICRS to CIRS
slaC2iqkzquick ICRS to CIRS, no P.M. etc.
slaCaf2rdeg,arcmin,arcsec to radians
slaCaldjcalendar date to MJD
slaCalydcalendar date to year,day
slaCc2sCartesian to spherical
slaCc62sCartesian 6-vector to spherical
slaCd2tfdays to hour,min,sec
slaCldjcalendar date to MJD
slaClydcalendar date to year,day
slaCombnnext combination
slaCr2afradians to deg,arcmin,arcsec
slaCr2tfradians to hour,min,sec
slaCs2cspherical to Cartesian
slaCs2c6spherical position and velocity to Cartesian
slaCtf2dhour,min,sec to days
slaCtf2rhour,min,sec to radians
slaDaf2rdeg,arcmin,arcsec to radians
slaDafinsexagesimal character string to angle
slaDav2mrotation matrix from axial vector
slaDbeardirection between points on a sphere
slaDbjindecode string to B/J epoch
slaDc62sCartesian 6-vector to spherical
slaDcc2sCartesian to spherical
slaDcmpfinterpret linear fit
slaDcs2cspherical to Cartesian
slaDd2tfdays to hour,min,sec
slaDe2h[HA,Dec] to [Az,El]
slaDeulerEuler angles to rotation matrix
slaDfltindecode a double precision number
slaDh2e[Az,El] to [HA,Dec]
slaDimxvapply 3D reverse rotation
slaDjcalMJD to Gregorian for output
slaDjclMJD to year,month,day,frac
slaDm2avrotation matrix to axial vector
slaDmatsolve simultaneous equations
slaDmoonapproximate Moon position and velocity
slaDmxmproduct of two 3x3 matrices
slaDmxvapply 3D rotation
slaDpavposition-angle between two directions
slaDr2afradians to deg,min,sec,frac
slaDr2tfradians to hour,min,sec,frac
slaDrangeput angle into range +/-pi
slaDranrmput angle into range 0-2pi
slaDs2c6spherical position and velocity to Cartesian
slaDs2tpspherical to tangent plane
slaDsepangle between two points on a sphere
slaDsepvangle between two vectors
slaDtapproximate ET minus UT
slaDtf2dhour,min,sec to days
slaDtf2rhour,min,sec to radians
slaDtp2stangent plane to spherical
slaDtp2vtangent plane to [x,y,z]
slaDtps2cplate centre from [xi,eta] and [RA,Dec]
slaDtpv2cplate centre from [xi,eta] and [x,y,z]
slaDttTT minus UTC
slaDv2tp[x,y,z] to tangent plane
slaDvdvscalar product
slaDvnnormalize vector
slaDvxvvector product
slaE2h[HA,Dec] to [Az,El]
slaEarthapproximate Earth position and velocity
slaEcleqecliptic to equatorial
slaEcmatform [RA,Dec] -> [lambda,beta] matrix
slaEcorradial velocity & light-time corrections to Sun
slaEg50B1950 [RA,Dec] to [LII,BII]
slaEl2ueconventional to universal elements
slaEoequation of the origins.
slaEorsEO from NPB matrix and s
slaEpbMJD to Besselian epoch
slaEpb2dBesselian epoch to MJD
slaEpcoconvert epoch to B or J
slaEpjMJD to Julian epoch
slaEpj2dJulian epoch to MJD
slaEpvEarth position & velocity (high accuracy)
slaEqeclJ2000 [RA,Dec] to [lambda,beta]
slaEqeqxequation of the equinoxes
slaEqgalJ2000 [RA,Dec] to [LII,BII]
slaEraEarth rotation angle
slaEtrmsE-terms of aberration
slaEulerrotation matrix from Euler angles
slaEvpEarth position & velocity
slaFitxyfit linear model to two [x,y] sets
slaFk425FK4 to FK5
slaFk45zFK4 to FK5, no proper motion or parallax
slaFk524FK5 to FK4
slaFk52hFK5 to Hipparcos
slaFk54zFK5 to FK4, no proper motion or parallax
slaFk5hzFK5 to Hipparcos, no proper motion
slaFlotindecode a single-precision real number
slaFw2mrotation matrix from F-W angles
slaFw2xyCIP X,Y given F-W NPB angles.
slaG2ixysGCRS to CIRS matrix given [X,Y,s]
slaGaleqgalactic to J2000 [RA,Dec]
slaGalsupgalactic to supergalactic
slaGe50galactic to B1950 [RA,Dec]
slaGeocgeodetic to geocentric
slaGmstUT to GMST
slaGmstaUT to GMST (extra precision)
slaGstGST (from ERA and EO)
slaH2e[Az,El] to [HA,Dec]
slaH2fk5Hipparcos to FK5
slaHfk5zHipparcos to FK5, no proper motion
slaI2cCIRS to ICRS
slaI2cqkquick CIRS to ICRS
slaI2oCIRS to observed place
slaI2opaCIRS-to-observed parameters
slaI2opadin CIRS-to-observed, disable diurnal aberration
slaI2opatupdate CIRS-to-observed parameters
slaI2oqkquick CIRS to observed place
slaImxvapply 3D reverse rotation
slaInt2indecode an integer number
slaIntindecode a long integer number
slaInvfinvert linear model
slaKbjselect epoch prefix
slaM2avrotation matrix to axial vector
slaMapmean to apparent
slaMappamean to apparent parameters
slaMapqkquick mean to apparent
slaMapqkzquick mean to apparent, no P.M. etc.
slaMoonapproximate Moon position and velocity
slaMxmproduct of two 3x3 matrices
slaMxvapply 3D rotation
slaNunutation components, IAU 2006
slaNu00anutation, IAU 2000A
slaNutnutation matrix
slaNutcnutation components
slaNutc80nutation components, IAU 1980
slaO2iobserved place to CIRS
slaO2iqkquick observed place to CIRS
slaOapobserved to apparent
slaOapqkquick observed to apparent
slaObsobservatory parameters
slaPa[HA,Dec] to parallactic angle
slaPavposition-angle between two directions
slaPcdapply radial distortion
slaPda2hhour angle for a given azimuth
slaPdq2hhour angle for a given parallactic angle
slaPermutnext permutation
slaPertelperturbed orbital elements
slaPertueperturbed universal elements
slaPfwIAU 2006 precession angles
slaPlanelplanet position from elements
slaPlanetplanetary ephemerides, approximate
slaPlante[RA,Dec] of planet from elements
slaPlantu[RA,Dec] from universal elements
slaPmproper motion
slaPncioCIO based NPB matrix
slaPneqxequinox based NPB matrix
slaPolmopolar motion
slaPomompolar motion matrix
slaPrebnprecession matrix (FK4)
slaPrecprecession matrix (IAU 1976)
slaPreclprecession matrix (more accurate)
slaPrenutprecession-nutation matrix
slaPv2elorbital elements from position & velocity
slaPv2ueposition and velocity to universal elements
slaPvobsobservatory position & velocity
slaPxyapply linear model
slaRangeput angle into range +/-pi
slaRanormput angle into range 0-2pi
slaRccbarycentric coordinate time
slaRdplanapparent [RA,Dec] of planet
slaRefcorefraction constants
slaRefcoqrefraction constants (fast)
slaRefvapply refraction to vector
slaRefzapply refraction to ZD
slaRverotradial velocity correction to Earth centre
slaRvgalcradial velocity correction to galactic centre
slaRvlgradial velocity correction to local group
slaRvlsrdradial velocity correction to dynamical LSR
slaRvlsrkradial velocity correction to kinematical LSR
slaSthe CIO locator s
slaS2tpspherical to tangent plane
slaSepangle between two points on sphere
slaSepvangle between two vectors
slaSmatsolve simultaneous equations
slaSpthe CIO locator s'
slaSubetremove E-terms
slaSupgalsupergalactic to galactic
slaSvdsingular value decomposition
slaSvdcovcovariance matrix from SVD
slaSvdsolsolution vector from SVD
slaTp2stangent plane to spherical
slaTp2vtangent plane to [x,y,z]
slaTps2cplate centre from [xi,eta] and [RA,Dec]
slaTpv2cplate centre from [xi,eta] and [x,y,z]
slaUe2eluniversal to conventional elements
slaUe2pvposition & velocity from universal elements
slaUnpcdremove radial distortion
slaV2tp[x,y,z] to tangent plane
slaVdvscalar product
slaVnnormalize vector
slaVxvvector product
slaXy2xyapply linear model to an [x,y]
slaZd[HA,Dec] to zenith distance

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